What we do

  • Academic Computing for Faculty and Students
    ITECS acquires and installs the hardware and software that faculty need for teaching. Engineering software may run on one or both of our lab platforms (Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux) or on student-owned computers.  The same soft ware is available also via remote access and in the ITECS-originated Virtual Computing Lab.  ITECS works with department IT staff to support the discipline-specific needs of our academic departments. ITECS collaborates with university IT groups, such as DELTA and OIT, to share and develop technologies that benefit both college and university computing.
  • Administrative Computing for College and Department Administrators
    In addition to its academic mission, ITECS develops and supports a Windows Active Directory environment for nearly 150 college and department administrative staff. PeopleSoft and other administrative applications are provided by OIT and then administered through ITECS to staff desktops.  Administrators rely on the Eos infrastructure for AFS storage and web resources, but mainly use a separately managed desktop that facilitates their access to administration-specific tools.

Students in a Biomedical Engineering class of Dr. Andrew DiMeo in Engineering Building III on Centennial Campus. Photo by Marc Hall
Students in a Biomedical Engineering class of Dr. Andrew DiMeo in Engineering Building III on Centennial Campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Why we do it

ITECS’s mission is to ensure that the College of Engineering has the information technologies and services it requires to become the leading public engineering school in the nation. ITECS provides infrastructure development and consolidation, computing support, and technology innovation that promote achievement in engineering education and research.

Our core values are:

  • Service
    ITECS values reliable and responsible service to the Engineering college.  We solve problems, develop technologies, and build infrastructure by listening to the people we serve and working to meet their needs.
    Quality service is built on communication, technical proficiency and respect.
  • Efficiency
    ITECS values stewardship of our material and human resources for greater productivity.  We collaborate with our stakeholders to build and acquire technologies and turn them into valuable college assets.  We also share knowledge and scale solutions to benefit the larger NC State community.
    Efficiency is accomplished through teamwork, resourcefulness and accountability.
  • Excellence
    ITECS values technological innovation and effectiveness.  We enable information technology to play a significant role in the education of students and the creation and transfer of new knowledge.  We seek excellence in all our endeavors and are committed to continuous improvement.
    Excellence is the product of leadership, innovation and professionalism.

Historically speaking

ITECS has been providing IT services and support to Engineering college students, faculty and staff since 1989 when it began as Engineering Computer Operations (ECO).  In 1995, ECO was renamed as Information Technology and Engineering Computer Services (ITECS). In the course of its history, our staff has worked to meet the growing demand for computing innovation in engineering education.  More about NC State’s engineering IT history.