File and Web Services

File and Web Services

ITECS allocates file storage and web space to engineering students, faculty and staff free of charge.

What is a Locker?
Allocated storage or web space is called a locker. It resides in the campus AFS system so you can access it from virtually anywhere via its AFS path. A locker is a logically collected set of AFS volumes with its own quota and access control list (ACL).

Paths to lockers always begin with /afs (on Windows lab and administrative computers, /afs is mapped to the J: drive). However, locker paths branch into different parts of the AFS file tree, depending on the specific AFS cell and how the locker needs to be configured for use. For example, web-locker space is configured for access by web servers, whereas non-web AFS space is not. (To learn more about AFS, see

File Storage
Only engineering faculty and staff can request and own administrative and research lockers. Faculty can also request course workspace lockers to get additional quota for their students to use in class.

Get Administration or Research lockers (/afs/eos/lockers/admin/dept/locker/ or /afs/eos/lockers/research/dept/locker/)
Get Course Workspace (/afs/eos/lockers/workspace/dept/course/section/locker/)
Note: There is no web delivery available from administrative, research and course workspace lockers.

Web Space
AFS web lockers provide space for the websites of departments, administration and research. All web lockers must be organized under one of our hosted domains and must be requested by the domain webmaster.

Get Web Space (/afs/eos/engrwww/sites/vhost/locker/)
Note: Web space for courses is available through Wolfware and other Learning Management Systems. Faculty needing course web space should contact DELTA.

Personal File and Web Space
Engineering students, faculty and staff can request personal (or “people”) lockers.

Get Personal file and web space (/afs/eos/lockers/people/a-z/unityid/)
Locker Management
Locker Portal

Because managing locker access and quota at the command line can be tedious and time-consuming, ITECS developed the Locker Portal web tool for this purpose. As a result, running AFS fs and pts commands is NOT required or recommended. If you are the locker owner, a list of the lockers you own and instructions for adding and removing people to/from groups are at locker portal site at You can also request additional quota and perform other routine locker-maintenance tasks.