Personal File Space

College of Engineering faculty, staff, and students can request secure personal file space for the following purposes—all free of charge:

  • Information inappropriate for the web (for example:  personal budgets, copyrighted or unpublished documents, and so on).


To request personal file space:

  1. Go to the Request page.
  2. Select Personal.
  3. Select the COE Department making the request.
  4. Provide Unity ID of the Locker Owner (owner of the space).
  5. Specify Initial Quota needed (2GB maximum).
  6. Provide a Locker Name (name of the personal file space, aka Volume Name).
  7. Provide UnityIDs of Project Members who need access to the work space.
  8. Specify Member Quota for individual user storage space (1GB maximum).
  9. Provide UnityIDs of people who need admin or write access.
  10. Select Continue to get a summary of what you entered.
  11. Select Commit if correct or Edit to go back and correct.
 note icon You will receive email when the space is set up.

To request more quota, change access, or otherwise manage an existing locker, visit the ITECS File Storage Manager.

Behind the Scenes

You may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the following technical aspects of your administrative space in the event that you need help from the ITECS Help Desk.


Personal file spaces are created as lockers via the following path:


The following access permissions are set on the following type of volumes; aka personal file lockers:

Owner—Admin (rlidwka)
Staff—Write (rlidwk)