COE participating departments in Adobe Acrobat Agreement

Not all COE departments participate in the Adobe Acrobat agreement. If an employee asks for Adobe Acrobat, determine which department they are in.

If they are in any of the following partipating departments, Adobe Acrobat may be installed on their university-owned computer:

  • ITECS or individuals using the ITECS administrative desktop, Clean Energy Technology Center, Engineering Research, FREEDM Center, CASL, ASSIST, and BTEC
  • BME
  • CCEE
  • CSC
  • ECE
  • IES
  • IMSE
  • ISE
  • NE

If they are in CBE, MAE, or MSE they must purchase Acrobat for each machine they want to use it on from the reseller, CIA Central. Purchasing information may be found at


If the individual wants Adobe Acrobat for their personal computer, they may purchase it from the bookstore. The Acrobat agreements for the university do not permit home use.