Eos software site and application catalog

The Eos Software site provides information and links regarding software used in the College of Engineering.

Software Announcements

The Software Announcements section provides news feeds related to software that is entered into TownCrier by the ITECS Software team.

Software Catalog

The Eos Labs Software Catalog displays a list of software that is installed in the Eos labs and VCL, along with the platforms on which each application is available. Clicking on the application name will display a page with a description of the application, where to find documentation, useful websites, where it may be installed and how it may be used, and any special restrictions related to the application. The software catalog pulls data dynamically from the software tracker database. The Software Tracker application is used to enter the information that is displayed in the catalog.

Note: Some applications, such as Comsol Multiphysics, have special usage restrictions. The Software Tracker license interface has a field for entering the special usage restrictions, which display on the catalog page.


The Downloads link displays a list of software available for download. Refer to the Eos Software Download Site documentation for additional information.


The Manuals link displays a list of manuals that are available for selected software applications. The manuals are in pdf or html format.

Faculty Requests

The Faculty Requests link displays a page that describes the process for faculty requests for new applications or upgrades. The page includes a link to a form that the faculty must submit to have their request considered by the Computer Committee. When the form is submitted, an email is sent to itecs-software@lists.ncsu.edu and a Remedy call is created in the ENGR_ITECS_LICENSING queue. The itecs-software list includes ITECS software management, ITECS systems, and the Computer Committee chair.