FAQ – Procedures for Matlab availability for download for student-owned computers

Beginning in the summer of 2013, NCSU licensed the Total Academic Headcount (TAH) Student Option for Matlab in addition to the concurrent license for university-owned computers. The TAH  license provides Matlab to all students enrolled at NCSU, and engineering students have a new process for downloading Matlab for their personal computers.

Students may now visit OIT’s software page at http://software.ncsu.edu/vendor/mathworks-matlab/package/matlab-student-version for information, instructions, and a link to download the software from The Mathworks site.

Note: This version is not permitted for faculty and staff.

Faculty, staff, and research assistant downloads for university-owned computers from OIT

For information about how faculty, staff, and research assistants may download Matlab for university-owned computers, visit OIT’s Matlab Download page. Installation instructions and additional information may be found on that page.