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Margaret Hudacko joined NC State University in April 1989 working for the Center for Advanced Computing and Communications (CACC). Formerly known as the Center for Communications and Signal Processing (CCSP), CACC was formed in 1983 as a National Science Foundation/University Cooperative Research Center. The Center was a response to the explosive growth of the Internet and the systems that supported it. The CACC faculty, drawn from the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), and Computer Science (CSC) created concepts, methods, and tools for use in the analysis, design, and implementation of advanced computer and communication systems. Margaret created a website for CACC in 1995, one of the first on NC State campus. Though CACC no longer exists, Margaret was key to preserving its technical reports in the special collections section of the NC State library.

In 1996, when the Monteith Graduate Research Center was opened, CACC moved to Centennial Campus, but Margaret stayed behind to focus more of her work on computer support in ECE. She launched the department’s first modern website in early 1998 and formed the first student-based desktop support and web teams for the department in 2000. In July 2002, Dr. H. Joel Trussell launched a six-month project, GradWatch, to bring the department’s graduate office online. The results were so good the effort was funded a further year under Margaret’s supervision. Margaret and her team authored many other online tools for ECE including:

In July 2007, Margaret took a new position with Information Technology and Engineering Computing Services (ITECS) in the College of Engineering.