ITECS will be making use of Atlassian Jira as the tool to manage projects:

First thing to understand is that Project Management encompasses a lot of things and some things need to be explained up front.  Not everyone in the organization will interact with Project Management the same way.  Here are 3 definitions of differing levels that we work at:

  • To-Do Lists – Person-oriented lists of generally non-related tasks that a human being just needs to get done.
  • Task Management – Service Area or Project-oriented lists of related tasks that may have interdependencies and generally deal with the same technical area.
  • Project Management – Structured workflow, communication, prioritization, and task management focused on completing a specific project involving multiple people.

For instance, the ITECS Webteam is moving into a structured Project Management framework borrowing concepts from Agile, Scrum, and adding some things that are directly related to the organization.  But not everything that the ITECS Webteam works on is going to be managed to that level.  Likewise, other portions of the organization don’t have work that is conducive to being managed that way.

Think of a “Service Area” as a project without end.  Its a shared place to do Task Management, which is how the majority of ITECS will interact with the Project Management system since there are a number of areas of responsibility that aren’t what a person would classically consider as a “project”.

Personal To-Do lists are going to be created as highly-specialized projects within the system for each staff member to keep track of professional development goals, committee work, and other things that are part of the job, but not necessarily tied to a given project or service area.  The goal in implementing this inside of the project management system is to maintain staff engagement by giving them a single interface for tracking these various types of projects and tasks.  By default, the tasks in this list are private to the owner of the list.

Jira will not be used for end user ticket tracking

Remedy will continue to function as the primary trouble ticket tracking/support system for external customers communicating with ITECS and between internal ITECS groups for issues not currently related to an ongoing project that is being collaborated on by both groups.  After the communications with a client has yielded a specific technical task that needs to be done, that task can be created in Jira and assigned.

Jira is not going to be used by most Part Time staff

Part time staff and particularly student workers already have enough to try and understand without throwing another system at them. Additionally, while part timers can get alot of useful work done, the responsibility for the success or failure of their work lies with the full time staff member who is managing them.  Issues will be assigned to the full time staff and it is the responsibility of the particular full time staff member to see that it is completed.