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When you need to get data off of a hard drive and the computer is unable to boot to it, or something is keeping windows from starting, you can use an Ubuntu Live CD to access the hard drive. The following instructions will assume that you are using an onboard CD drive for the Ubuntu Live CD.

  1. Insert the Ubuntu Live CD and start the computer.
  2. As the computer starts, enter the Boot Menu options. In most cases, you can enter the Boot Menu options by pressing F12 as the system starts.
  3. Select Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive from the boot options depending on the location of the Ubuntu Live CD. The system will now boot to the CD.
  4. Once the installation screen loads, select Try Ubuntu. It will load the Ubuntu Desktop Environment without installing Ubuntu.
  5. Once inside the desktop environment, open a file manager window and click on the hard drive name. Once within the hard drive, navigate to where your files are located.

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