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Billboard is a web system that displays URLs on digital screens across campus. Faculty and staff will give us slideshows to put on the Mann Hall Billboard, which we then need to convert, upload to the Billboard website, and make sure they display correctly. We do this by converting PowerPoint files to image files and using Google Drive to create unique URLs for each image.

These URLs are then put onto the Billboard website, which pushes them to the screen in Mann Hall. The Mann Hall screen is a TV monitor with a Mac Mini behind it. Slideshows typically last one month, unless noted otherwise. In order to have access to the Billboards, you must be given access. We can test slides on the Help Desk screens before putting them in Mann Hall.

The Mann Hall billboard is located in the Mann Hall lobby. It is directly between the two display cases under the canoe.

The keyboard is kept on top of the right display case. If you’re using a chair to reach this, make sure you have someone with you for safety precautions. The password to access this is lobby@mn2009.

The mouse is connected at the back and should be rolled up and placed back the way you found it when you’re done.

Changing to JPEG
  1. Open a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Enable Editing (if not already enabled).
  3. Click File -> Save As
    – Set desired folder name.
    – Save as type “JPEG File Interchange Format”.
    – When asked how many to save, select “All slides“.

Altering Dimensions

  1. Open slide in Paint.
  2. In the Image section of the Home tab, click Resize.
  3. Select “Pixels” and unselect “Maintain aspect ration”.
  4. Set to appropriate dimensions (generally 1920×1080 for an HD TV).

Uploading to Drive
  1. Create a folder in Google Drive and name it “Billboard”.
  2. Set the share settings on the folder to: “Anyone with the link can view”.
  3. Upload folder to the Google Drive folder “Billboard”.
  4. To copy the link to the clipboard, right-click Slide -> Share -> Share -> Copy link.

Put onto Billboard

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Paste the Share link from the image into the first column of the spreadsheet and the final link will be generated into the third column.
  3. Within Billboard, click Add URL.
  4. Under URL, paste the link generated by the spreadsheet.
  5. Set where you would like the slide to appear in the slideshow order.
  6. Verify that the reload option is set to “No”.
  7. Click Submit.

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