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DH Hill Library
The ITECS Help Desk has several computers located in the DH Hill Library on Main Campus. When you enter the library and go up the stairs, the Learning Commons is to the right. As you enter the Learning Commons, towards the left there are ten computers monitored by ITECS. These computers are in groups of five next to each other.

In the Graduate Commons room, there are four ITECS computers marked by EOS and the Windows logo above each computer. Lastly, on the second floor past the Unity lab and the book stacks, there are nine ITECS computers located in front of the windows facing Hillsborough street. Of these nine machines, there are six Linux and three Windows computers (The three Windows machines still have the old naming scheme).

Learning Commons Graduate Commons Second Floor
W-33569 LIB-33573 EOS-F7K7CX1-L
W-33565 LIB-33574 EOS-F7L9CX1-L
W-33572 LIB-33564 EOS-F7K8CX1-L
W-33563 LIB-33561 EOS-F7M7CX1-L
W-33566 EOS-F7M8CX1-L
W-33567 EOS-F7K9CX1-L
W-33571 EOS-9T53CX1-W
W-33562 EOS-9T81CX1-W
W-34821 EOS-F7L8CX1-W


Below is an image to help locate the computers in the learning commons in the DH Hill Library on Main Campus. (the locations are circled in pink )

Hunt Library
The ITECS Service Desk also has computers located in Hunt Library on Centennial Campus. The groups of computers are in a lettered section and given a specific number. On the fourth floor, there are eight computers in the Graduate Commons. In this area, we have four Windows machines and four Linux machines.

Windows Linux
D1- 33581 B1- 32594
D2- 33582 B3- 32595
E2- 32603 D6- 32596
F2- 32589 F1- 32588

Also on the fourth floor, in the Patron Computing area, we have twenty-four computers. We have nineteen Windows machines and five Linux machines in this area.

Windows Linux
H4- 33578 J3- 32605
H5- 33577 J6- 32001
I3- 32606 K3- 33038
I4- 33579 K6- 32602
I5- 33580 L6- 33034
I6- 32009
J4- 33576
J5- 33575
K1- 33587
K2- 33590
L3- 33039
L4- 33584
L5- 33585
N1- 33589
N2- 33588
N4- 33586
N5- 33583
P3- 32604
P6- 32607

Below are the images to further help locate the computers in both areas on the fourth floor of Hunt Library on Centennial Campus.


(Note: ITECS manages all of the above computers; however, the only computers owned by ITECS are the EOS computers on the 2nd floor of D.H. Hill Library).

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