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Created: by Tony Baumann // Last Modified: by mgandhi

ITECS allocates file storage and web space to engineering students, faculty and staff free of charge.

  • People: lockers for personal data (COE Students/Faculty/Staff).
  • Admin: lockers for admin (HR/Financials/Grants) data.
  • Research: lockers for research data.
  • Course Workspace: per class/per student quota (requires Wolfware Classic).
  • Web: lockers for web content.

Request – page to request locker creation – request processed within 3 days.

Portal Рpage to request changes to lockers including group changes.

PTSUserInfo – a tool to list locker model-based pts groups a user is in.

In the Portal, you can:

  • Verify that a locker exists and what the path is.
  • Verify whether someone should have access to a locker.

A full overview of the information regarding lockers can be found here.


  1. Non-engineering students do not have access to request a locker.
  2. Regular engineering students do not have access to view all lockers, folder permissions, and quota via the lockers portal web page. ITECS full-time staff and part-timers have special access to view all of the lockers.


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