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We have two different types of computer labs that we support: general-purpose labs and teaching labs. General Purpose (GP) means that they are open for student use, while teaching labs are usually locked when there is not a class going on in the room.

All are Windows labs unless otherwise noted.

GP Labs (click here for more details)

  • Burlington 2114
  • Daniels 226
  • Daniels 243 (Windows/Linux mix)
  • D. H. Hill, 2nd floor (Windows/Linux mix)
  • EB1 B04
  • EB3 2108
  • Hunt Library, 3rd floor and Grad Commons (Windows/Linux mix)
  • Mann 306/320
  • Daniels 226 (Windows/Linux Mix)
  • Daniels 243 (All Windows computers)
  • MRC 300 (Linux)

Teaching Labs

  • Mann 415
  • Note: The labs in Daniels 200 (Linux), Daniels 201, and Daniels 255 are now supported by CSC (Computer Science).


People may occasionally request to reserve a lab for a certain date/time. To request a lab reservation, they should email their request to We prefer this to be a faculty member. They will need to provide us with the date, time, and the purpose of the lab reservation request. 

During July, COE New Student Orientation has first dibs on all the labs during their sessions as they are used for registration. During the summer, there will also be requests from summer camps run by Academic Affairs. This is why you need to place a ticket in Service Now – there’s a lot to keep track of. It may be helpful to use the dry erase board to plan out who has the labs and when.

For example:

1819919 – Amy Matthews NSO (New Student Orientation) has DAN 200 & 201 6/28 2-5 pm

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