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Created: by Former ITECS Employee // Last Modified: by mgandhi

Fargo DTC1000 {ID Card Printer} (Driver found through HID Global & not Fargo Support Site).

  • Upon initial setup, DO NOT PLUG IN PRINTER via USB.
  • Download driver from HID Global website.
  •  As of 06/2014: Printer in DAN366 on acad-dt-02.

Installing Driver

  1. Once correct driver (most up to date) is downloaded, unzip the compressed folder containing the driver (should be in downloads folder w/ name matching the name of driver).
  2. Open unzipped driver folder.
  3. Right-click driver file & select Run as Administrator.
  4. The driver will begin to install & will prompt you to connect the printer via USB (good practice to have printing/scanning devices plugged in the back of computer & not USB ports on the front).

Removing Printer & Driver (printer plugged in/has been plugged into the computer)

  1. Navigate to Device & Printers.
  2. Find Device labeled: Fargo DTC1000.
  3. Right-click & select Remove Device.
    Note: If the printer driver is also on the computer, follow the above list regarding installing the driver to uninstall the driver (uninstall the same file as install).
  4. Unplug the printer from the computer & repeat installing driver.

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