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Created: by Tony Baumann // Last Modified: by mgandhi


Startup page

Turn computer on. If you want to just use the room for a local meeting/presentation then you would press the “PRESENTATION MODE” button. If you plan on using the room to make a video conferencing call you would press “VIDEO CONFERENCE MODE” button.  You may switch between modes while using the system without having to shut down first.


Main Presentation Mode

If you have chosen “PRESENTATION MODE” this is the main page you will see. The displays (projector, lcd, plasma) do not turn on until you have selected something to show on them. There are 3 display options at the bottom left of the panel. Select where you want to see your source then choose the source you would like to see on the display. You may show different sources on different displays as you choose.  Note that you have the main volume controls on the bottom right of the panel. These will control any presentation audio source (ie. Dvd/vcr, computer, laptop, etc).  The audio you will hear will be whichever source was selected last. There is an “AUDIO CONF” button if you would like to make a teleconference call. Remember to power on and setup up your wireless microphones. Press and hold the power button on the bottom for several seconds. Turn off using the same method. On the top right of the panel, you have a “ROOM” setup button and “SYSTEM” power button. You will find more detail in this document later.


Computer Source Selection Page

This is the main page you will see once you have selected a display and then the “COMPUTERS” button.  You may choose from 3 computer sources (Rack PC=NCSU desktop pc located in credenza rack, Cable Cubby=laptop cable located on credenza surface, and table laptop=laptop cable located at conference table). If you do not see your image on the screen make sure you have checked your laptop display settings to make sure image is being sent out of the VGA port on your laptop and the cable is properly connected). If you do not hear your audio make sure your laptop/PC volume is turned up and is not muted.  In addition, make sure you select the source you want to hear last (only applies if showing multiple sources on the displays).


DVD/VCR Source Selection Page

Once you select “DVD/VCR” you will see the DVD/VCR remote controls. These buttons emulate the common controls you will find on any standard DVD/VCR remote.


Document Camera Selection Source Page

There are no remote controls on the panel for the document camera. With the exception of the power button, located on the right side of the document camera, the toggle wheel is typically the only other control you will need during basic operation. The green toggle wheel allows you to zoom in and out (if set to autofocus you should not have to make any adjustments).


Audio Conference Control Page

If you select the “AUDIO CONF” button you will see the dial pad for making calls and incoming call volume.  The main volume button located in the bottom right does not control the volume of the audio conference calls. You must go to the “ROOM” setup page to make adjustments here – using the ceiling volume control and/or incoming volume. It is always recommended to clear before you begin to dial. You then may enter your number then press the “DIAL” button. OR you may press “DIAL” to get a dial tone then dial your number and wait for it to connect. To ANSWER an incoming call press the “DIAL” button. REMEMBER YOU WILL NEED TO USE THE WIRELESS MICROPHONE DURING AUDIO CONFERENCE CALLS. The microphone operates off batteries and is turned on/off by holding down the power button on the bottom for several seconds. A green/red led light will indicate if it is powered on. Green=Live, Red=Muted It is recommended to have the mic as close on the table as possible to the key participants of the call.


Room Setup Page

This page allows for fine tune adjustments and individual control of components. Such as power on/off of the individual displays, screen up/down, and volume controls/mic sensitivity. The ceiling volume control is for AUDIO and VIDEO CONFERENCE CALLS ONLY. The MAIN presentation audio controls are located on the bottom right of the panel. If you power off an individual display it will take a minute or so to shut down. You will also notice you have a view of your lamp hours used on the video projector. Once the hours reach around 1000 hours you may start to notice some dimming in your image. Lamps are typically replaced around 1500 to 2000 hours.


System Power Page

You have 2 options on the system power off page. You may choose to shut down the system (this will power off the displays and raise the screen) or you may choose to switch modes. Switch modes allow you to go switch from Presentation mode to Video Conferencing mode (or vice versa).
Note: If you shut down the system it may require approximately 2 minutes before you can start back up. This protects your displays.


Main Video Conference Page

This page allows you to have control over the video conferencing system. Select the “VIDEO CONF” button to access the controls.


Video Conference Control Page

These are the controls for the video conferencing unit.  Use the asterisk as the dot key (or right arrow button) when entering an IP address you would like to call. You may find you prefer to use the specific Polycom remote control during a video conference call because you can use it while seated at the table. Just aim it at the camera located beside the projection screen. The swap key swaps images on the front 2 screens. You may share computer or document camera sources with another site during a video call by selecting the source. If you receive any error message, simply press the button again and it should resolve the issue.


Camera Controls Page

During a video call, you may select the camera view you want the far end site to see. You may also save presets by pressing and holding the buttons 1-4 on the panel or by using the Polycom remote control. You may also store camera presets using the Polycom remote control (see Polycom PDF file for detailed remote instructions).


System Power Page

If you are finished and ready to power down the system simply press the “YES” button and it will power off the displays and raise the screen.


System Processing Page

Wait until the displays shut down before trying to restart the system. This will take 2-3 minutes.
Note: The keys to open the cabinets are located under the computer in a black drawer.

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