How to Use a PowerPoint Presentation as a Billboard Slide


Open, Edit, Save, Export Directory Info

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation file.
  2. Make the necessary edits to the directory and save the file.
  3. Click the File menu -> Export -> Create a Video icon-camera-128
    1. If not already selected, choose Presentation Quality from the first drop down.
    2. If not already selected, choose Don’t Use Recorded Timings and Narrations from the second drop down.
    3. Set the Seconds spent on each slide to an appropriate value. Typically 15 seconds.
    4. Click the Create Video button.
    5. In the Save As dialog icon-camera-128
      1. In the left column under Favorites, click Desktop.
      2. In the File name text field type in the name of the file. Something like, Page Hall Directory YYYYMMDD.
      3. Leave the Save as type drop-down set to MPEG-4 Video.
      4. Click the Save button.

If you would like, when the video is done exporting you can close PowerPoint.

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