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Created: by Former ITECS Employee // Last Modified: by mgandhi

Many of the staff/faculty that we support have chosen to use Cisco IP Phones in their office(s). Although our individuals are equipped with different Cisco models, these instructions describe the general way in which we (ITECS) should help an individual set up a phone. These phones work with an established internet connection.

A list of approved phones can be found at

You will need:

  •    An active port
  •    An Ethernet cable (2 if connecting a computer as well)


Step 1: Register the Phone (Can skip. Their department does this.)

The department that the individual is in needs to submit a request to ComTech to get the individual’s settings mapped to the phone. This is not something that ITECS handles.

Step 2: Connect the Phone to an Active Port

For the phone to work, it must be connected to the NCSU IP telephony network. Connect the port depicted in number 4 of Figure 1 to an active port to grant it network access. The phone will boot with its registered settings.

Step 3 (optional): Connect a Computer to the Phone

Use the port depicted in number 5 of Figure 1 to connect a computer to the IP Phone. This will grant the computer network access with the phone acting as a switch.

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