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Along with ServiceNow and Angel, you will need to log on to Slack as soon as you’re seated at your desk. Slack is an instant messaging platform interface used for messaging and communication between those working at ITECS Service Desk.

To Join:

  1. Request that a full-time member of the staff adds you to the ITECS Slack team.
  2. You will receive an e-mail asking you to Join NCStateEngineeringIT on Slack.
  3. Select Join Team.
  4. From here, you should have access to the channel itecs – helpdesk used by the ITECS Service Desk.

To Direct Message:

  1. Click on the username of the person you would like to direct message in the chat room.
  2. In the field that says “Message \[Username]”, type your message.
  3. Press Send.
  4. This individual should now show up on the left side of the screen under “Direct Messages.”
  5. Press Command or Control + K to search for DM’s by a team member.
  6. NOTE: You can message one or more team members (a total of up to 9 members, including you).

To edit a message that has already been posted:

  1. After posting a message, press the Up arrow.
  2. This should open a dialogue box. Edit the message as necessary.
  3. Press Save Changes.
  4. To edit messages older than the last message that you posted, press the Show Messages icon in the upper-right hand corner of the message you would like to edit.
  5. Select Edit Message.

To search:

  1. Look for the Search field in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. To narrow your search, use the commands from:user, in:channel name, or on:date.
  3. You should be able to search all conversations and files in Slack, as long as you have access to them.

For any further questions about how Slack works, you can use the Slackbot found under the Direct Messages heading on the left side of the screen. The bot should be able to answer your questions based off of keywords; however, if it cannot, it will direct you to the Slack HelpCenter.


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