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What about iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks, etc.?

From some studies and surveys that have been conducted by various campus groups, we have found that tablets such as iPads or Android tablets are not ready to replace traditional computers for an engineering education. They are, for now, mostly useful for content consumption and not content creation. We’ll see what the future brings.

Do I need a printer?

Students can print to laser printers all over campus and are charged automatically to their AllCampus account; for more info see the WolfPrint site. If you’d like to have a printer in your room, we suggest that you coordinate with your roommate — one printer per room should be enough.

Are computer labs being eliminated since students are expected to bring their own computers?

In the College of Engineering, there are many software packages that can not be installed on students’ computers due to cost or licensing agreements, so labs are still a necessity despite the fact that most students own laptops.