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Network File Space

You can access your personal AFS space from your own computer, as well as any other file space to which you have access. There are a variety of clients available for download by students, depending on which operating system you’re using. See the Eos Remote Access pages for more information.

Google Drive

N.C. State students have ‘unlimited’ space to share between their email and Google Drive.

Virtual Computing Lab

The Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) is a remote-access service that allows you to reserve a computer with a desired set of applications and remotely access it over the Internet. When you are using VCL, no one else is using that remote computer, so you do not have to worry about processor load. Learn more at the VCL web site.

VPN Availability

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a means by which users can access a private network from anywhere in the world. This has been done for years in the industry so that traveling workers could securely access their company’s sensitive information without carrying that information on their laptops. NC┬áState has this capability as well and has opened access to all faculty, staff, and students. We expect VPN to be used intensively in the future, especially to allow greater access to network-licensed software. If a piece of software is licensed for use on campus networks only, the use of a VPN would allow an N.C. State student to use such software without having to physically be on campus.

For more information and instructions on using NC State’s VPN, visit ComTech’s VPN site.