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Created: by Former ITECS Employee // Last Modified: by mgandhi

UEFI-based computers being imaged with a Windows OS can now PXE boot via UEFI instead of a legacy boot protocol.

IPAM setting

When adding or editing a record in Proteus, assign it to the MAC pool, WDS-UEFI.

Firmware settings

It may be necessary to make a few changes to the computer’s firmware in order to successfully network boot. Computers purchased from the NCSU MarketPlace are either from Dell or Lenovo so we will only list the settings for those manufacturers here.

Also, note that Windows 7 does not support Secure Boot. If you are installing Windows 7, regardless of the computer’s manufacturer, Secure Boot must be disabled in the firmware.

  • System Configuration
    • Integrated NIC
      • Enable UEFI Network Stack checkbox checked.
      • Enabled w/ PXE radio button selected.

\[PENDING: Have not UEFI booted one yet]

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