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Coursework Space

College of Engineering (COE) faculty can request secure coursework space for the following purposes—all free of charge:

  • File space for individual students
  • Shared file space for teams
  • Common space with read/copy access by all students in the class

When a course’s file-storage requirements exceed what students have in their Unity file space, faculty can request coursework space as additional quota for their students to use in class.  This storage is provided, free of charge, in a separate work space for each student in the course. It is not added to the student’s Unity home locker (aka work space).

Please note:

  • Coursework space is available for the semester in which the course is taught and has the same turn on/off dates as Moodle. Any data that students wish to save from their coursework space must be copied to other file space or media before the end of the semester.
  • Content in coursework space is not archived.  If faculty need to preserve any of this content for purposes of assessment, accreditation, portfolios, and so forth, they need to make their own copies or contact for other storage space options.
  • Coursework space does not have any associated automated tools and is not intended for web content. This space is for file storage only.

To request coursework space:

  1. Get Moodle space for each course that you want to augment with student coursework space.
    Moodle provides ITECS with student Unity IDs for creating coursework volumes.
  2. Request coursework space.
    Only instructors with Moodle space can request coursework space.

      1. Go to the Request page.
      2. Select the COE Department making the request.
      3. Enter Course Number.
      4. Enter Course Section.
      5. Provide Unity ID of the Locker Owner/Instructor (faculty or staff).
      6. Provide Unity IDs of the Course Administrators (TAs, staff).
      7. Select options with regard to instructor and/or TA having write access to student work spaces.
      8. Enter Class Size for maximum number of students on roll for the section.
      9. Specify Quota per Student (2GB maximum).
      10. Enter Number of Project Groups for teams/groups that need project work space.
      11. Specify Quota per Project Group (2GB maximum).
      12. Specify Common Area Quota for common work space readable by all students in the section (2GB maximum).
      13. Select Continue to get a summary of what you entered.
      14. Select Commit if correct or Edit to go back and correct.

      You will receive email when the space is set up. To request more work space, change access, or otherwise manage existing space, please visit the ITECS File Storage Manager.

Behind the Scenes

You may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with the following technical aspects of your file storage space in the event that you need help from the ITECS Help Desk:

Coursework spaces are created on a per-section basis via the following path:

The following access permissions are set on the common, group, and individual student volumes in the work space (aka locker):

  • Individual student volumes (/unityid)
    UnityID—Write (rlidwk)
    Course Administrators (TAs)—Read (rl)
    Owner/Instructor—Read (rl)
  • Common volume (/common)
    Students—Read (rl)
    Course Administrators (TAs)—Write (rlidwk)
    Owner/Instructor—Write (rlidwk)
  • Group/team volumes (/grp1, /grp2 …)
    grp1, grp2 … —Write (rlidwk)
    Course Administrators (TAs)—Read (rl)
    Owner/Instructor—Read (rl)