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Custom Web Applications

ITECS has a successful history of transforming the College of Engineering’s objectives into custom-made, goal-oriented web applications.  By offering our custom software-development services, we can streamline your department processes and optimize efficiency for daily operations—resulting in significant cost savings.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Minimal Cost—By taking advantage of in-house software development from ITECS, the College avoids expensive licensing fees from outside vendors.  Adding to the cost savings, the long-term benefits of investing in customized business applications far outweigh any results you can achieve with off-the-shelf products.
  • Guaranteed Upkeep—We maintain our web applications, adhering to modern coding standards and security on an ongoing, never-ending basis.
  • Seamless Integration—ITECS consolidates data from several disparate campus resources exactly as your business needs demand. One custom application can be designed to integrate with multiple processes.
  • Exclusive Support—A major benefit of working with customized business applications is the efficient and reliable technical support team. Working with ITECS, you have full access to the team involved in the application-development process, resulting in quick and effective problem resolution.

Program Assessment Tool

ITECS custom-developed the Program Assessment Tool (PAT) to help Engineering departments gather data measuring the effectiveness of their academic programs. To ensure that NC State students graduate as “Think and Do” engineers, PAT provides the framework for recording rubrics, testing against benchmarks, and reporting the results. Departments using PAT can present immediate evidence of a program’s strengths and identify areas where improvement is needed.

PAT features the following:

  • Assessment-planning schedules mapped onto a matrix with defined outcomes and course assignment
  • Standardized documentation of assessment tasks including methods used, performance benchmarks, rubric, and sample answers at three levels of achievement
  • Easy upload of gathered data to calculate pass/fail against a recorded benchmark
  • Convenient inline commentary section to aid in interpretation of findings

Go to the Program Assessment Tool (PAT)

Release Time

Release Time is a web-based tool we developed for automating multiple aspects of the money management required of an Engineering department when a faculty member receives release-time income for research.  This tool does the following for you:

  • Calculates salary redistribution
  • Tracks and organizes accounts from which research time is granted
  • Coupled with a feed from the University-level PeopleSoft system, Release Time calculates the annual equivalent of an allocated grant—potentially saving several hours which, otherwise, would be spent calculating these figures by hand.


Because Release Time involves sensitive information, we deploy it only under secure services for FRS tools (filesystem, web server location, and databases).

Account Types

The “eac” or “account” codes mentioned in Release Time (1119 1118 and 1319) are expense accounts.  From PeopleSoft, these account codes are prefixed with “5” (or “5-“). The prefix is not used in Release Time; however, could potentially wreak havoc if entered unwittingly.  The takeaway here:  Please do not enter the 5 or 5- prefix.

These expense accounts serve the following purposes:

  • 1319—Salary paid to faculty for teaching
  • 1119—EPA Base Salary (other non-teaching pay; typically for administrators)
  • 1118—Release Time Salary

Funding from the 1319 account is the only source from which 1118 funds can originate.

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