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File Storage

ITECS offers file storage space to engineering students, faculty, and staff.

Cost:  Free

Storage Limit:  Each allotment of file storage space is known as a volume, and each volume is limited to 5GB.  If you need more, you can request a larger volume.

Automatic Backups:  We back up your files every night for up to 28 days of daily backup storage, at which time the oldest files become overwritten.  Restoration of backups older than 28 days may be requested but cannot be guaranteed.


Type of Space Description User Type
Administrative File storage space for departmental information. Staff
Coursework File storage space for faculty teaching one or more courses.

Faculty can also request coursework space as additional quota for their students to use in class.

Personal File storage space for any individual’s personal information.  Anyone (Faculty, Staff, or Students)
Research File storage space for faculty or graduate students doing research. Faculty and Graduate Students