Services / Github


GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that need to be version controlled. NC State provides this service to ensure the security of university’s repositories and users. Any faculty, staff or student of NC State University is allowed a free account into this service and you can use your account for just about anything related to university academics, research, business, or support.

This GitHub service allows you to create an unlimited number of repositories – both public and private – so you can use it for class or for personal projects. It is excellent for maintaining version control over files in your programming projects. You create a repository, and add files and commit changes to it periodically to create a new version of your project. If a particular version of a project causes problems then you can easily revert to a previous version to get things working again. You can create “branches” of work to develop and test new features. When changes are committed to the branch and branch testing is successful, those changes can be merged back into to master.

If you would like to collaborate, you can create group-owned repositories. Create your own “organizations” in GitHub to control access to anything you’d like to share. Just be sure that your collaborators are current faculty, staff or students. “Public” in NC State GitHub means anyone at the University, not anyone in the world. If you need to collaborate with someone not associated with NCSU, we suggest using for your project.

If you are a faculty, staff, or a student, you already have access to NC State GitHub. Your account is created as soon as you login. For more information on GitHub, please visit the FAQ page.


IMPORTANT: Download your repositories before you graduate!

You cannot login to NC State GitHub without an active Unity ID. If you are leaving the university and want to retain a copy of your repositories, please download them before your Unity account is deactivated. If you are leaving your repositories behind for someone else to use, update the repository permissions before your last day so your collaborators continue to have access.