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Improving my online presence

General Principles

Consolidate your content

Users appreciate not having to jump to multiple sites to piece together your information and it’s easier to keep your content current if you don’t have to change it in several places. So it’s better to pick one site and put the rest of your effort into creating content. When it’s not feasible to have a single site, choose one as a “hub” and point the others there.

Think and Do

NC State’s brand is “Think and Do” and it’s a lot more than making your website red and white. ITECS has incorporated the layout and graphical elements of the brand into our WordPress themes. The next step is up to you. You can familiarize yourself with all our brand guidelines at Professors are busy! If you are short on time, ITECS recommends you go straight to

Look and Feel

Brand Compliance
The ITECS WordPress environment offers two brand-compliant themes. Named for the first two deans of the college, the Riddick theme is customized for departments and Van Leer for labs and research groups.
The Riddick and Van Leer themes are
Section 508 compliant. To keep your content
compliant, we suggest you start with these tips
or visit the W3 Web Accessibility Initiative.

Departmental Faculty Profile

Faculty profiles are your official department page; put your best foot forward! Created by University Communications, this WordPress plugin aims standardize faculty information across every department in every college. This plugin is available not only on your department’s site, but across all WordPress sites in Engineering. The profile plugin pulls data from several campus sources of record, for instance:

Contact information from the University directory
Grants from SPARKS
Publications from the Library’s Scholarly Publications Repository

There are free text fields for a bio and a description of your research. Fields to fill in your degrees, awards, honors, social media links and Google scholar link. You can also upload your complete CV.

Research Subsite

If you have a research lab, ITECS will create a subsite for you at the MSE root address (ex. Most labs are set up defaulting to the Van Leer theme. Your subsite will have the full set of features offered to departmental sites and differ only in that the access structure will be specific to you and your graduate students.
Personal Sites
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) at NC State offers free WordPress sites for any use. The address of these sites is At a minimum, ITECS recommends getting a site with this service where equals . This site can function as your “hub” or can direct visitors to whatever site you wish.

Facebook and LinkedIn

Even if you don’t feel like you have time to be active on these sites, do join them and take the time to fully fill out the profiles.

Fill these sites out as fully as you can, customizing the URL when you can and repeating your name where appropriate. For instance, on LinkedIn you can scroll down to where it says “public profile” on your profile page, and edit the URL. Instead of saying something like, you can set the URL to read Also be sure to use your full name and not a nickname or slogan you think is catchy. Another important trick: Most websites give you the option of linking to other social media sites. Do this. It will make your online presence stronger.

You don’t have to be active but don’t be completely dormant either. Add new content at least once a month. That can be as simple as attaching an article and writing a short comment about why it interests you.