The software licensing team (Robbie Little and Brandon Faircloth) is responsible for maintaining the licensing for the Engineering applications used in the Eos labs, plus applications used by ITECS staff and for the administrative desktop.

Specific functions

  • tier 2 support for Remedy calls regarding software licensing issues
  • answer faculty and system administrator software-related questions
  • manage the software process from initial request to purchase to receipt of the software for installation, for new software, upgrades, and maintenance renewals
  • provide ITECS systems with software, license files, license management software
  • maintain current information for the Eos software catalog,
  • maintain software-related pages on the Eos web site,
  • manage the Eos software download site, for software for both personally-owned computers and university-owned computers
  • maintain the Eos Software manuals site,
  • log technical support problems with the software vendors when needed

Common requests

Faculty requests

Faculty requests for new software or upgrades for Eos labs – If a faculty member asks for new software or upgrades to be installed in the Eos labs, they must complete the request form at The request is emailed to the ENGR_ITECS_LICENSING Remedy queue and received by the software team, who works with the vendor and requesting department on pricing and ITECS Systems on technical information. Once a purchase is approved, the licensing team is responsible for obtaining signatures for the agreement, ordering the software, and providing the software and license keys and files to ITECS systems for the labs. CCEE faculty wanting new software or upgrades in the Mann departmental labs must submit a Remedy call to the ITECS help desk. The help desk will route the call to the ENGR_ITECS_LICENSING queue.

Student requests

Student requests for software for Eos labs – If a student requests software via Remedy for the Eos labs, they must have a faculty member submit the request from the web form described above.

Sysadmin requests for media

Certain applications are permitted by the license agreement for installation on faculty/graduate student computers owned by the university. The software team makes those applications available to the departmental system administrators on the Eos Software download site. If someone in a COE department requests to have software not on the list installed on a departmentally-owned lab or office computer, the software team reviews the agreement, and if permitted, works with the departmental sysadmin to provide them with the media and instructions on the download site. A Remedy call should be assigned to the ENGR_ITECS_LICENSING group for such requests.