WordPress / WordPress Hosting Options

WordPress Hosting Options

At NC State University, you have access to a variety of WordPress hosting solutions from OIT (link to head2).  At the College of Engineering, you have additional choices from ITECS (link to head2) as well.


ITECS Hosted Solutions

ITECS offers free WordPress hosting to College of Engineering departments and research groups. Sites used for official university communication must follow branding guidelines.


Revising Existing Websites

Should you have an existing website, we can create and host your new site from a temporary development area. This strategy leaves you free to review and select content from your current site for inclusion in the new site.  We are happy to explain the logistical details as we work through the process with you.

When your new content is ready to launch, we help you transition your new site into production.

New Websites

Unlike the free blog sites from OIT, we can accommodate requests for custom URLS, pending approval. Research groups receive their own subsites at the departmental root—for example:  department.ncsu.edu/researchgroup

Non-Engineering Audiences

ITECS offers WordPress hosting to centers in the ncsu.edu domain as well as some non-NC State organizations. Research centers seeking a third-level domain name require validation through an OIT and University Communications vetting process.


To keep your WordPress site secure, you can control who has access by setting user roles. ITECS also has a variety of plugins and themes available, all of which are maintained to remain brand-compliant and secure. Changes and installation requests for plugins and themes can be submitted via email to our Help Desk at eoshelp@ncsu.edu.


OIT Hosted Solutions

OIT offers free and premium options for hosting websites on wordpress.ncsu.edu, and the Google Analytics plugin is included in all cases.

Free Blog Sites

The free blog site is the most popular option, especially for personal WordPress sites. Because free blog sites are intended for personal use, they are not restricted to brand-compliant themes and plugins. You can have as many free blog sites have as you want, each with access to several diverse themes and plugins that may be installed by request.

You can name the blog anything you like and it will be prepended to wordpress.ncsu.edu. For example, mysite.wordpress.ncsu.edu.


Hosted Blog Sites

The hosted blog site is a premium option:

  • Hosted blog sites have a large number of plugins and themes to choose from.
  • This service costs $300/fiscal year and boasts 200MB more storage space than the free option.
  • Custom URLS are an option; however, they require approval through OIT and University Communications.


Another paid solution is cPanel, which has plusses and minuses worth your careful consideration:

  • cPanel offers custom URLs—following the same approval process as the hosted blog sites.
  • cPanel is the most flexible option; however, it imposes the added responsibility of maintaining most of the customization on your own.

NOTE:  We urge you to discuss this option with your in-house IT staff before committing to it.


Here’s a guide to help you choose the right solution: